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10 Month Full Stack
Development Course
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• 10 Month In-Depth Course

• Introductory and Intermediate Levels of Education

• No Programming Background Required

Open House is on September 11th at 8pm.

Start Date: October 20th , 2022
End Date: August 20th, 2023

Online Course


Take advantage of the high demand for Full Stack Developers Inside and Outside the IT Sector

Course offers a practical approach through Coding and Coding Technologies

Instructors are Professionals in the IT Sector and Have Boot Camp Training Experience

Cutting Edge / Industry Standard Curriculum
One on One Remedial Classes to Help Students with Labs


Expand your opportunities

Adaleg IT’s courses are driven by the desire to give our students the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the Tech Sector. Knowledge of coding and programming are in high demand today and can open you up to a whole new spectrum of opportunity in the global Tech Sector. Adaleg IT has helped many people who lacked skills in coding, networking, etc to build those skills and find employment in the Tech Sector.


duration: 1 min 24 sec, with audio


10 Month Full Stack Development Course Details

Open House is on September 11th at 8pm.

Start Date: October 20th , 2022
End Date: August 20th, 2023

Online Course

duration: 57 sec, with audio

Lead Instructor

Harisree Sreelatha – Harisree has more than 5 years of successful experience in Application Programming and software development. Telus, Royal Bank of Canada, Tata Consultancy Services, TD, Pitney Bowes are few of the client she has worked for. Apart from the industrial experience, she is also involved in teaching programming for the past 3 years. She was previously employed at Bitmaker one of the leading boot camps in Toronto as web development Instructor. The major area of expertise is backend technologies like Java, Hadoop, Big data stack.

Harisree Sreelatha

Full-Stack developer at Telus
Bachelors in Computer Science

Teaching Assistant

Elvis Peter – Elvis Peter is a successful software engineer with more than five years of experience in the industry. He has been part of development teams in BMO, RBC, Royal mail group(UK), TATA Consultancy Services, etc. Apart from being a great team player, he is also an enthusiastic programming instructor with more than 2 years of experience. He has taught around 100 students in various boot camps across Toronto. He also holds experience doing freelance projects for various small businesses. He is focused mainly on front end technologies and has in-depth knowledge in Javascript, angular and React.

Elvis Peter

Software engineer
BS, Computer Science​
Full-Stack Developer at BMO

  • • 10 Month In-depth Course in Full Stack Web Development
  • • Course will take students through introductory and intermediate levels of education
  • • Includes labs, lectures, and practical skill training
  • • The class meets for nine hours a week
  • • Divided into three class days: Sunday Morning, Tuesday, and Thursday Evening


• Responsive design
• Advanced CSS
• Programming fundamentals
• Database
• Javascript
• React
• Ruby on Rails

Entry Level Positions
(Average Salaries as per Glassdoor Stats)

Full Stack Developer – $50-70k
Software Developer – $50-72k
Web Developer – $45-59k
Front End Developer – $70-80k

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What our past students have to say

Moshe Gottfryd, MaxiMind
“I suggest this course to anyone who wants to jump right into the IT world. The classes are well-organized, the instructor is still helpful, and the labs gave us a hands-on experience and a sense of independence.”
Eli Wasserman, TNS Group
“This course will help you to leap into the deep end of a whole new industry.”
Mendel Bisk, Wolf Adar Inc
“Thanks to Adaleg IT I’m gainfully employed. Adaleg IT is not just a school that…once you are finished they are done with you, they try to help you out in the industry and lead the way.”
Daniel Goldstein, Compugen Inc
“Adaleg IT’s CCNA and CCENT courses helped me begin a new career in IT. I am very grateful. Thanks Adaleg IT!”
Ari Berman, Compugen Inc
“Adaleg IT”s course gave me an opportunity to literally start a new career! It was a game changer!”




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